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Afghanistan Revealed 

1 x 45 mins 1 x 52 mins
In AFGHANISTAN REVEALED, National Geographic Television follows Sebastian Junger (author of the The Perfect Storm) and world-renowned photographer Reza on assignment for National Geographic ADVENTURE..

Afghanistan in the Line of Fire 

1 x 26 mins 
While news accounts report on plentiful air drops of food for the Afghan people, the realities of getting that aid to where its needed most are far different. Join a group of ex-Green Berets and a sea..

Africa Series 

8 x 52 mins 
From the award-winning producers Thirteen/WNET and the acclaimed National Geographic Television comes a landmark event - AFRICA. Eight hours of ground breaking television, produced by Tigress Product..

Africa Series: The Making of Africa 

1 x 52 mins 
The story of an epic, eight hour television series in the making.This is the story of a team of filmmakers who set out to tell the story of Africa through the people who live there. The Making of Afri..

Africa: Playing God with Nature 

1 x 52 mins 
The greatest enemies of Africas wildlife may be poverty and human overpopulation as much as poaching. Unless native people can benefit from their inheritance of wildlife, human demands may destroy the..

Air Force One 

1 x 52 mins 
AIR FORCE ONE is a 416-tonne flying White House. Equipped with sophisticated communications and security systems, conference rooms, staterooms, a presidential suite, televisions, computers, paper shre..

Alaska Wing Men 

3 x 48 mins 
Airplanes and bush pilots are critical to life in Alaska but the rugged terrain and extreme weather make flying a dangerous and sometimes deadly proposition. In Alaska Wing Men a group of climbers ge..

Alaska's Black Gold 

1 X 52 mins HD
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) - 'Alaskan Serengeti' - is a vast wilderness near the top of the world where an incredible pilgrimage of 100,000 caribou makes its way to the ocean a..

Amazon Bronze 

1 x 26 mins 
National Geographic Televisions AMAZON BRONZE is a unique adventure set deep in the rain forest of Brazil and Peru. Cameras travel with Swedish-born artist Felipe Lettersten on his journey into the Am..

Archive of Lost Dreams 

1 x 52 mins 
Closed up in 1988 when he died, the archive of Italy’s racing car genius Enzo Ferrari has been reopened by his son – with the most unexpected consequences. Here are the forgotten bluepri..

Baka: People of the Forest 

1 x 52 mins 
In the heart of south-eastern Cameroon, the Baka Pygmies hunt and gather food, unleash the secrets of the forest to prepare natural medicines, and fashion utensils from the natural resources available..

Bali, Masterpiece of the Gods 

1 x 52 mins 
An in-depth look at the extraordinary Indonesian island of Bali, whose distinctive culture blends everyday life with religion and the arts, and whose peaceful, graceful people accept the modern world..

Ballad of the Irish Horse 

1 x 52 mins 
For centuries the people of Ireland have nurtured an abiding love of horses, creating a legacy that has given the world some of its most famous horses and riders - as well as such classic sporting eve..

Bear Island 

1 x 52 
More than a thousand islands clustering off the coast of western Canada form the Alexander Archipelago of southeastern Alaska. Blanketing their rugged landscape is some of the last temperate rainfore..


1 x 26 mins 
Some of his fellow scientists call him Mad Dog Roubik, a reputation David Roubik has earned for his ability to endure physical discomfort, a desired trait for anyone studying bees. Roubiks studies tak..

Behind The Photo: Interstitials 

25 x 50 Seconds 
What’s it like to capture an iconic National Geographic image on film? What happened just before and just after? And how does it feel to know that you’ve taken the photo for the prestigio..

Behind The Photo: War Zone 

1 x 52 mins 
In a country scarred by decades of war, one man tries to capture an image of hope. National Geographic photographer Reza journeys to Afghanistan to seek a portrait of a nation… and comes face-..

Behind the Afghan Girl Search 

1 x 26 mins 
This captivating documentary takes us behind the scenes to meet the team responsible for one of National Geographic’s most exclusive interviews to date. In 1985 the front cover image of the Afgh..

Behind the Photo - Lava Hunter 

1 x 52 mins 
A scientist, frying in 300-degree heat, scampers away from a 200-foot high wall of molten rock on the top of Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii.  Thirty feet away, a National Geographic photographer captures..

Beyond The Movie: The Lord of the Rings 

1 x 52 mins 
The ultimate companion to the forthcoming Hollywood feature-film. National Geographic Television ventures into the fascinating realm of ancient myths, languages and cultures while exploring the centra..


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