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After Saddam 

1 X 47 
It took American and British forces three weeks to topple Saddam Hussein’s regime. But winning the war was only half the battle. On the rubble of a police state, in the heart of a hostile regio..

Alexander the Great: The Man Behind the Myth 

1 x 52 mins 
Alexander the Great was arguably the most extraordinary warrior of all time. Straddling his world like a colossus, his military conquests remain unrivalled to this very day. By age 20, he was crowned..

American Doomsday 

1 x 48 mins 
For over 50 years they have been some of America’s most closely guarded secrets. Now, American Doomsday takes viewers inside the ‘Doomsday Plans’. Working with the US Air Force, his..

Ancient X-Files 

3 X 47 mins 
Ancient X-Files enters the twilight zone of unsolved ancient mysteries.  The program travels to a series of incredible locations across the world to solve some intriguing riddles.  Each sto..

Arlington: Field of Honour 

1 x 52 mins 
Once little more than a potter's field, Arlington has become a national shrine - a virtual treasury of American history. Both the famous and the obscure are buried here, and their stories lead us..

Australia's Aborigines 

1 x 52 mins 
National Geographic cameras take viewers on a remarkable journey to a spectacular, remote, and mysterious corner of Australia where a group of Aborigines struggles to protect and perpetuate an extraor..

Beyond the Movie: Pearl Harbour 

1 x 52 mins 
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BEYOND THE MOVIE: PEARL HARBOUR Go behind the scenes, as National Geographic exposes the real stories, the real heroes, the real places and the real action depicted in the Touchsto..

Beyond the Movie: The Return of the King 

1 x 52 mins 
Through extensive film footage and powerful interviews, National Geographic delves beyond The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King to explore the amazing parallels between history and the epic st..

Cannibals of the Stone Age 

1 x 52 mins 
Up to 1000 victims. Men, women, children, even unborn foetuses. Some scientists believe they were murdered, butchered like livestock, then cooked and cannibalised in sacrificial rites that drew part..

Cave People of the Himalaya 

1 x 48 mins 
An archaeologist dangles from a rope spanning a cliff 500-feet tall. A dark cave opening looms 300-feet down and the only way inside is to rappel down from above. Dr Mark Aldenderfer, self-proclaimed..

Chachapoya: Solving the Mystery of a Lost Civilisation 

1 X 52 minutes 
High in the cloud forests of Peru the stone walls of a mysterious mountaintop fortress rise out of the jungle. These 60-foot walls are filled with the bones of vanished people called the Chachapoya,..

China's Mystery Mummies 

1 X 52 mins HD
More than 1,000 years before any known contact between the East and West, hundreds of mummies, many with Caucasian features, were buried in a Chinese desert. China’s Mystery Mummies goes on a u..

Civil War Bomber 

1 x 48 mins 
March, 1865 – the US Civil War’s Siege of Petersburg has dragged on for nearly a year of vicious trench warfare. Just before dawn, the Confederate soldiers attack, and an odd roaring soun..

Civil War Re-Enactors 

1 x 48 mins 
Three gruelling days… and two long nights. Two armies… in blue, the North… in grey, the South. With casualties estimated at 51,000, the Battle of Gettysburg remains one of the bl..

Columbus' Lost Fleet 

1 x 48 mins 
In 1494, Christopher Columbus made a second journey to the Americas, this time with more ships, more men and a grander mission. He sailed with 17 ships, almost 1400 people and a goal of building the..

Dawn of the Maya 

1 x 52 mins 
There is a great Maya civilization we know – and one we are just discovering. The one we know flourished between 300 and 900AD. It left magnificent cities like Tikal, Chichen Itza and Palenque s..

Day Earth Trembled, The 

1 x 52 mins 
THE DAY THE EARTH TREMBLED, from award-winning Nestor Productions, is the amazing account of how, in one single day, 19th century California became part of history ...The Golden Gate Bridge stands on..

Deadly Colony 

1 x 52 mins 
You're starving - and under attack by hostile neighbours. Spies have infiltrated your town, half your family is sick with some deadly disease and rumour has it that your neighbour just ate his wi..

Death of the Iceman 

1 X 52 mins HD
Entombed in a glacier in the Alps for over 5000 years, the ‘Iceman’ is the oldest mummy ever found. Buried in the gritty details of his violent death is the bigger question of why he was..

Diary of a War Correspondent 

1 x 52 mins 
Charles Bean was born in 1879, in the colony of New South Wales, Australia. It was a world powered only by steam and lit only by fire. Australia was a collection of colonies. There was no Australian..


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