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Adventure Lovers 

1 x 52 mins 1 x 81 mins
This award-winning documentary follows the amazing lives of ADVENTURE LOVERS Martin & Osa Johnson. Their story has remained largely unknown, until now .....

Africa Extreme 

1 x 52 mins 
To call this trek an ambitious hike would be something of an understatement. In National Geographic’s AFRICA EXTREME Wildlife Conservation Society ecologist, Dr. Michael Fay, sets out to survey..

African Ascent 

1 x 52 mins 1 x 26 mins
Remote volcanic spires of northern Cameroon fire the imagination of three world-class climbers, offering the challenge of a bold new route. The team faces a wondrous geological environment, filled wit..

Along the Inca Road 

3 x 30 mins 
In 1999 Karin Muller hit the road, ready for adventure and equipped with nothing more than could fit into a backpack, on a 4,000-mile journey along the Inca road. For six months, she trekked through l..

Amazing Moments 

1 x 52 mins 1 x 90 mins
National Geographic’s Amazing Moments will take viewers to see the amazing and unforgettable moments that are the hallmark of National Geographic. Scenes selected from our archive of over 12 mil..

Amazing Moments I 

4 x 52 mins 
What is it like to be attacked by a bear - get caught in an avalanche - or free fall off a 4,000-foot cliff in the Arctic? How does it feel to eat live octopus - descend into an active volcano - or b..

Amazing Moments II 

3 X 52 mins 
Series One delivered some of the most thrilling moments from National Geographic's film and video archives. Now, Amazing Moments is back. This time, we've scoured private holdings and rare arc..

Antarctic Challenge 

1 x 26 mins 
At the bottom of the world, in the region of the Antarctica known as Queen Maud Land, is a succession of lonely windswept ranges that harbour some of the most startling mountain scenery on earth. Crow..

Antarctic Wildlife Adventure 

1 x 26 mins 
Almost every other December, the three Poncet boys, Dita age five, Lier age eight, and Dion age ten, set out on the ultimate adventure - a sailing trip to Antarctica. The adventure is directed by the..

Arctic Flyer 

1 x 26 mins 
ARCTIC FLYER joins Gustavus McLeod on his record-breaking journey to be the first person to reach the North Pole in an open-cockpit plane. Sponsored in part by National Geographic Society, McLeod flie..

Avalanche : Surviving Tragedy 

1 x 26 mins 
Avalanches are America’s deadliest natural disaster. Last year 58 people in the U.S. and Canada were killed when they were caught in the path of torrents of ice and snow. Michael Da..


1 x 26 mins 
Every year, people from all parts of the world fall victim to the threat of AVALANCHE! As the quest for more adventurous winter excitement continues, skiers, snowboarders, and other mountain sports en..

Beyond the Lava 

1 x 26 mins 
When a volcano erupts, the earth changes. When the lava stops, there is a dangerous new world to explore: another planet, a land of spectacular new craters, strange lakes of acid water and glaciers me..

Cameramen Who Dared 

1 x 26 mins 
They dare to live a dangerous life. Documentary cameramen are often more adventurous than the adventure they film. Cameramen scale mountains, swim with sharks, and fend off angry wildlife charging the..

Crossing the Empty Quarter 

1 x 26 mins 
“Where does adventure end and stupidity begin?” It’s a question that three young Canadians asked themselves regularly since their journey began. In the comfort of home, their plans s..


1 x 52 mins 
Bringing viewers into the heart of CYCLONE!, National Geographic Television unveils the human fascination with these devastating phenomena - tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons - as well as..

Diamonds of War 

1 x 52 mins 
Illicit diamonds are worth more than $700 million a year and have backed wars in Sierra Leone, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Journey with National Geographic Magazine writer Andrew Cock..

Explorer 03 

1 x 52 mins 
SURVIVAL: THE SHACKLETON STORY Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew took bitter defeat and turned it into heroic survival. Early this century, members of the imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition watched..

Explorer 07 

1 x 45 mins 
AFRICAN MEERKATS If one statement were used to describe a meerkat and its society, it might be, "All for one, and one for all." Distant kin to Rudyard Kiplings Rikki-tikki-tave, this feisty creature m..

Explorer 20 

1 x 52 mins 
CUBAS LOST TREASURE Diving beneath the azure Caribbean waters and turning back the clock more than 400 years, National Geographic Television joins a captivating expedition, taking viewers along with..


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